Studying at the PFH Campus Göttingen

It was in Göttingen, the city that creates knowledge, that PFH was founded. Since 1995, the University has been preparing students here to cope with complex management tasks. 


Innovative Study Programmes

Über die PFH Private Hochschule Göttingen

Since the autumn of 2011, three innovative study programmes in medical and orthopaedic technology have been added to PFH's on-campus course offering in Göttingen.

In the Zentrum für Healthcare Technology (ZHT) (Centre for Healthcare Technology), the University trains young people, through the Bachelor's degree in Orthobionics, unique in the whole of Germany, to fit modern orthotic and prosthetic devices to patients. In addition, the PFH offers the two professional development Master's degrees in Medical Orthobionics (Master of Science) and Sports/Rehab Engineering (Master of Science) in the ZHT, which are primarily intended for professionally experienced medical practitioners or sports scientists, sports therapists and engineers.

PFH Campus Göttingen

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Über die PFH Private Hochschule Göttingen

The University Town of Göttingen

The tradition-steeped university town of Göttingen, with far in excess of 20,000 students, internationally renowned institutes and research establishments, has a prominent position and is firmly established in the Göttingen - Hannover - Braunschweig metropolitan region. A location where everything is close at hand, with outstanding infrastructure, awaits University entrants. Extensive cultural provision enriches the centre of southern Lower Saxony. Traditional or experimental theatre, classical or pop concerts, including international top acts, make diversity tangible.

Sports enthusiasts also get their money's worth here. The PFH's connections to Göttingen University Sports leave nothing to be desired. Virtually every form of sport, from aikido to yoga, is on offer here, an offering that is complemented by around 100 clubs. Skiing in the Harz mountains, climbing in Solling, rowing on the Weser river: outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the attractive countryside. Göttingen as a study location has put together an extensive cross-university package for its students, which ranges from help in finding accommodation to assist with study finance issues to counselling in difficult life circumstances.

PFH's modern university building is in the immediate vicinity of Göttingen city centre, the train station and the Lower Saxony State and University Library. University management and the coordination team for the PFH distance-learning study programme are also located here.

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