Business Administration in the Lightweight Engineering & Composites Study Programme


In addition to the engineering science content, the Master's degree in Lightweight Engineering & Composites also includes a module in Business Administration in the first semester. Tailored to career paths in a technical environment, it provides you with important management know-how in the topic areas of accounting, controlling and strategic management.

The course entitled "Internal Accounting & Controlling" is designed to enable students to analyse complex business administration issues and to formulate possible solutions. For example, the course imparts knowledge about controlling functions, internal accounting, investment controlling and cost accounting systems. Finally, a simulation game bridges the gap between business administration theory and company practice.

The second course, "Strategic Management", aims to impart skills in relation to the targeted control of strategic management and innovation processes across the entire process from the generation of an idea through to market launch. This is designed to enable you to reflect on the relevant methods, rationality and planning assumptions.

The Sustained Process Optimisation module in the second semester of the Master's degree in Lightweight Engineering & Composites examines, in particular, the topics of serial production, industrial production technologies and digital factory planning. It will enable you to analyse and assess the opportunities and risks associated with the serial production of composites from technical and economic points of view.

In addition, the learning content will enable students to assess objectives and methods of digital factory planning based on corresponding simulation models and to use them to optimise manufacturing processes. Furthermore, you will learn how to identify the factors that influence manufacturing processes and to weigh them using statistical methods.

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