(Partially) Automated Manufacturing Processes in the Lightweight Engineering & Composites Study Programme


In the module entitled "Partially and Fully Automated Manufacturing Processes", you will acquire important practical knowledge with regard to the production of fibre-reinforced composites. Students of the Master's degree in Lightweight Engineering & Composites take the module in the first semester. The teaching contents will enable you to identify the main influencing parameters of the assembly logistics of automated manufacturing processes and to optimise the specifications for production accordingly.

In addition, the module will also provide you with the main methods of quality assurance. You will learn how to identify the complex requirements of quality assurance and to apply them in the manufacturing and operational use of a composite structure.

Furthermore, Master's students will develop scientifically sound solutions based on theoretical and practical issues. The future development towards serial production of modern composites in the target field of lightweight construction is already an integral part of teaching.

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