Partnerships of PFH Private University of Applied Sciences


Partnerships – Creating and Further Developing Networks

Collaborative ventures and partnerships for mutual benefit are an integral part of PFH's orientation. The constant expansion of partnerships with universities, secondary schools and with numerous other educational institutions ensure, ideally, that know-how is exchanged in both directions.

Collaborative Partnerships with Companies

Partnerships with business companies have been an integral part of the development of PFH ever since it was founded. The focus here is on the expansion of the network and on both parties' maximisation of the potential of these collaborative partnerships. More Information for Companies.

National University Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships with other universities enable joint research projects, support the permeability of available courses for students of the respective other university and pave the way for PFH graduates to undertake doctoral projects at the respective partner university.

International University Partnerships

Through international university partnerships, PFH creates the structures for student exchanges and academic qualifications in the respective countries.

Partner Schools

The University has been able to enlist more than 50 partner schools for collaborative ventures over the past few years. Their pupils and teachers regularly attend PFH events or are visited by PFH professors and employees.

Collaborative Distance-Learning Partnerships

The collaborative partnerships in respect of distance-learning courses with numerous vocational colleges and other educational institutions frequently enable students to have their qualifications recognised as prerequisites for the distance-learning study programme in Business Administration.

Web Friends

PFH's web friends offer interesting programmes relating to the subject of education or further information on various topics.

India Representative for Prospective Students and Admission Services

The PFH teamed up with renowned Yes Germany in nine locations in India (BTM Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi / NCR, Indiranagar Bangalore, Gurugram, Mumbai, Noida, Pathankot, Pune). Yes, Germany offers prospective students, parents and counselling educators the best possible pre-class experience - including language courses, Visa services, admission, support etc. Since its foundation, the private university places value on a high level of internationality and diversity among its students. The long-standing partnership with Yes Germany has helped a lot of young women and men to succeed in their academic and professional pathways.

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