ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship)

Entrepreneurship School

Annual workshop for young business starters


Focusing on Entrepreneurship

The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship, as the central body of the PFH as a university for entrepreneurs and business starters, is systematically geared to the formation and encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking and practice.

With its diverse range of services, the ZE provides inspiration for the firm establishment of a culture of entrepreneurial initiative and autonomy.

University for Business Starters

As a university run on entrepreneurial lines, the training of entrepreneurial new blood and hence the promotion of entrepreneurship in practice are an essential cornerstone of PFH's orientation. Via the Board of Trustees and its more than 500 partner companies, the University has excellent links to businesses throughout Germany and, particularly in the regions of Göttingen and Stade. More information For Business Starters.

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About the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences

The state-recognised PFH is a private university focusing on entrepreneurial thinking. It offers on-campus and distance-learning study programmes in the areas of management, technology, healthcare technology and psychology. The campus locations are in Göttingen, Stade and Berlin, and there are distance-learning centres across Germany and Austria.

Entrepreneurship is a cross-cutting focus in the study programmes of General Management Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Bachelor of Science and General Management Master of Science. Some of the subjects which the Entrepreneurship focus or field of study is geared to include:

  • Business start-ups
  • Holistic development of companies
  • Innovation management
  • SME management
  • E-entrepreneurship
  • Company succession
  • Entrepreneurial initiative


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